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–Sounds like some double entendre in which we might have to cover the kids’ ears and eyes.

In a world of “Web,” our English language has grown to accommodate the ever-changing words and expressions that we use every day. Check out Urban Dictionary for a user-edited slang dictionary. We have created nouns, verbs and adjectives out of our everyday terms and their uses. We have begun to “google” things. Hence, the title.

Which leads me to here: I “googled” myself and while I realize that I have a very unique name (anyone know another Alina Yeisley?), I was surprised by just how many results I found that led directly to me (not even including blogs that list me as a follower or blogs that I’ve commented on). Just on the first two pages of results, all but five were direct links to something I’ve been in complete control of at one time or another. These results include direct links to races I’ve run in, my Facebook profile, my Twitter feed (part of the reason I made my updates private a few weeks back), my profile on Vimeo and more. There’s even a profile set up for me on, “a social network for competitive endurance athletes,” that I just learned about. No, I didn’t even know that the site existed, but they have my records.

We hear so often to be careful about what we publish on the Web (and apparently which races you run in), to which I agree. But I propose that we use this to our advantage. Make a presence–make a positive presence. It may just land you that job.


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