Alina Sewing and Design


My name is Alina and this is my creative outlet.

My history with sewing includes a cheap sewing machine with terrible tension problems, a subsequent hatred for sewing, a second try, a newfound love, an Etsy shop, an offer for my goods from Anthropologie (I didn’t take it), a custom upholstery shop, and finally, discovering the world of indie sewing patterns.

Sewing has become so many things for me; a craft, a hobby, a versatile and useful education. But, something funny happened the deeper I got into the rabbit hole–I gained confidence, I figured out who I wanted to be, I gained a new perspective and a new pair of eyes.

When clothes fit you, when you have the creative control over every detail, and when you have the ability to take a pile of fabric and notions and turn them into something both beautiful and useful–well, that’s where the magic happens.

In “real” life, I’m married to a Navy man and I’m a mom to three kids 5-and-under. We move a lot and we adventure a lot. We are currently living in sunny San Diego. I spend my days teaching, learning, and sewing in 60-second increments.

So, welcome to my creative space. Dig in, take a look around, and let’s get to know each other!





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