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I’m always excited to share tester photos. Testing is such an important process to a sewing pattern; it’s the opportunity for me to hear many voices and opinions and thoughts–often bringing suggestions on items that I never even considered. Never underestimate the value of testers (or of yourself and the role you play when and if you test a sewing pattern)! I take absolutely every suggestion and consider them carefully–if a tester thinks it’s important, that likely means some customers will, too.

There was very little change to this pattern in testing. The only change (outside of polishing up the instructions and fixing typos) was to remove some ease from the hips. There was originally 4″ of ease in the hips; I changed this to 2″. Many of the final tester versions do reflect this change as they should have sized up in the hips and instead sewed a straight size. After removing some ease in the final draft, the fit you will get if you follow your measurements on the size chart should more closely match the fit you see on most of these testers. The pattern is exactly the same everywhere else.

View A Testers







View B Testers







There are several photos I can’t get my site to upload, so this is just a glimpse into the awesome group of testers I had!

On Wednesday, I’ll be giving fabric recommendations for the Fulton. This pattern can definitely be made by the fabric choice, so I’m looking forward to fleshing that out!

On Friday, I’ll be publishing a collar tutorial video. The collar is not complicated, but I hope to help along anyone who soaks up information via video versus written instruction/illustration.

Stay tuned!



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