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Good morning! Yesterday was more involved, and today we will only tackle the shoulder and side seams. Just four seams for today and then the shell of the jacket will be complete! Let’s jump in.

Staystitch front and back necklines by stitching 1/2” from raw edge with a 2.5mm stitch length. For the front neckline, sew from the shoulder toward center front. For the back neckline, sew from each shoulder toward center back, stopping both lines at center back.

Placing right sides together, sew front and back together along shoulder seams. Press seam allowances toward back yoke. Finish and topstitch.

Repeat for side seams, pressing seam allowances toward front. Finish and topstitch.

 And done! Try that baby on and marvel at how far you’ve come. Tomorrow, we will tackle the collar (also not difficult and pretty quick!).


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