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Happy Wednesday! This post is the next stop on the Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour. I’m better at instagramming than I am blogging, SO if you don’t follow me on social media, you haven’t heard that my Chi-Town Chinos original pattern + Expansion Pack No. 2 were both included in the collection. I’m completely honored to have my patterns included, and I’m blown away by how excited everyone is about the collection!

It’s been really fun to see different versions of the patterns sewn up, and I’m excited to share mine today.

indiesew-f-w-blog-tour1I sewed up a Chi-Town Chinos skirt, a Bonn shirt, and a Lonetree vest. The corduroy is from Style Maker Fabrics, and the army green twill and striped rayon voile are both from Indiesew. All three fabrics are extremely high quality, are a joy to wear, and I highly recommend them.

indiesew-f-w-blog-tour2First, the Lonetree vest! This is Allie Olson’s first pattern, and she knocked it out of the park. The pattern has two views: jacket and vest. I have been wanting a vest like this for awhile, so I’m really excited to have this pattern. I made zero changes to the fit of the pattern, though I will grade down slightly at the hips next time. I often need narrow shoulder adjustments, but did not need one here.

The pattern is beautifully drafted and the instructions are top notch. I had actually never installed heavy duty snaps before, but they are my new favorite thing, and I want to install them on everything now! Super fun and a little bit therapeutic. 😀

I love the final version! I have already worn it over multiple things and it is completely at home in my fall wardrobe. It wins all around in versatility, utility, and looks!

indiesew-f-w-blog-tour3Next up, the Chi-Town Chinos skirt. Considering the skirt is my pattern, I won’t say much of anything here except that you can view my top 7 tips for sewing with corduroy (and see more photos of this skirt) here.

Finally, The Bonn shirt…the BONN SHIRT!!!! I seriously love this pattern. It is a super flattering cut and fit, and there are details about the pattern itself that really impress me.

First, the front facing is cut-on, meaning it is not a separate pattern piece, but is attached to the shirt. You only have to sew the facing to the shirt along the top of the neckline. Facings/button bands can be sort of fiddly, but having it already attached saves so much time and fiddling with narrow pieces. I spent more time carefully cutting the striped fabric than I did actually sewing the pattern.

(AND, I totally made a dumb mistake while cutting, because I wasn’t using my brain and I matched the stripes at the side seams above the dart instead of below…so now they’re all off by an inch. It’s not awful, but it makes me laugh considering how long I spent carefully cutting this fabric. Eesh. Anyway.)

Second, there are bra cup-specific pattern pieces. If you are an A-cup through DD-cup, simply choose the corresponding front bodice piece. No need for small or full bust adjustments here–the work is already done! This goes a very long way in achieving such a flattering fit and I’m really impressed.

I was between two sizes, and went with the lower size (which I was closer to). When in doubt, size up! When will I learn? It is slightly tight across my upper back, which is pulling at the top button. Additionally, the armscyes were way too tight (this happens to me sometimes when I choose based on my bust measurement). I did cut them slightly lower in the middle of sewing, so next time I will probably size up altogether. And yes, I love this pattern enough to re-print the entire thing.

This version is definitely wearable, and wear it I shall.

The only thing I changed about the instructions was to sew everything in French seams. The seam allowances are only 3/8″, so that wasn’t super easy, but it was doable. This fabric is very lightweight (but luxuriously soft) and I felt like French seams were the way to go, so if I use a fabric like this again, I will add additional seam allowance.

The pattern has two views–a shirt and a dress–and several sleeve options. I already have some fabric set aside for another version! You can’t see the shape of the hem since I have it tucked in, but it’s one of my favorite parts.

indiesew-f-w-blog-tour4Call me biased, but this is my favorite Indiesew collection yet. All of these pieces feel very ME. The collection also includes the Toaster Sweater #2 by Sew House 7, which I haven’t gotten the chance to sew up yet, but I’m excited for that one, too. You can buy all of these patterns bundled together for a great discount at Indiesew.

I have inadvertently curated a fall capsule wardrobe, and I’m working on putting together a post about it. You’ll see all of these pieces show up. Choosing high-quality fabrics that coordinate and complement goes a very long way! I spent naptime yesterday playing dress-up with my own clothes and photographing how it all works together. Stay tuned for that post!

Links for the full blog tour are below; be sure to check out everyone else’s versions, too! There are some really beautiful handmade outfits to see. (Peggy of Sew House Seven even made her Chi-Town Chinos Expansion Pack No. 2 in DENIM! Seriously, go check it out.)

fall-winter-collection-blog-tour2xIndiesew 2016 Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour

Oct 26: Sew House Seven
Oct 28: The Sara Project
Nov 1: Allie J.
Nov 2: Alina Design Co.
Nov 3: Sew Charleston
Nov 4: Sew Marie Fleur


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