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IMG_7822If this post is about a piece of furniture, but that piece of furniture is for my sewing room, does this count as sewing-related?

Well, at any rate…I made a mid-century-ish console to house the printers in my sewing room. They were previously in a bookshelf in the corner, but I couldn’t raise the printer’s top to use the scanner, which meant the big printer ended up on the floor (where it stayed…because why put it back every single time?). And I almost made it for free!

But let’s back up–until now, I’ve used a white folding table in my sewing room. I used it as a cutting table, and then I used it to hold my iron and small ironing board. Then, my husband made me an awesomeeeeeee cutting table for Christmas (pictures in this post). We were left with some fairly sizable scraps that were really in the way in our apartment. I had also scored four hairpin legs at an estate sale last year. They were attached to a “table top”–aka really junky piece of plywood. So, I bought the table just for the legs–for $18! They were too tall to make a coffee table, but not tall enough to make a desk or dining table, so I left them until inspiration struck.

IMG_7825A couple of weeks ago, all of these factors came together in my mind: needing a solution for the printers, all of the scrap wood in the way, and the hairpin legs that were just sitting there taunting me. I measured out the space I’d want/need for each printer, measured the scraps, and went from there.

SO, now I’ve got the bookshelf all for fabric, the printers are off of the floor, I have more floor space, and I finally moved my ironing station across the room to sit beside my sewing machines. The same thing that’s awesome about making your own custom clothing is true for custom furniture. And I made furniture before I made clothing, so I know that for a fact. 😉

IMG_7827The final measurements are below, for anyone who is wanting to recreate. Total cost was $18 for the thrifted hairpin legs and $8 for new screws/spray paint for the legs (they were chipped and rusty in a couple of places). Kind of killed a dozen birds with this one. 🙂

13767644_544041792447858_1512256198_nDimensions: 58″ long, 18″ deep, 39.5″ high. The insides of the end cubbies are a true 20″ wide x 20″ tall, and the middle cubbies ended up being 17″ wide x 9.75″ tall. The hairpin legs are set 1″ in from the front/back and 3″ from the ends. If you recreate this, I’d love to see photos!



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