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Chi-Town Chinos Tester PhotosI can’t wax poetic enough about how incredible my testers were! They were from all over the world, and ranged in skill level from beginner to advanced. What I learned: beginners do an incredible job at scouring the instructions; the experienced tend to gloss over instructions and look primarily at the illustrations. Both perspectives are very necessary. Things that the experienced can figure out without questions, beginners will ask for clarification on (which led to me expanding the instructions in several places). The experienced are great at looking technically at a pattern and spotting any errors (vs. assuming they cut something wrong). Both perspectives are necessary! I met some great new people and got to know acquaintances better; not only that, but we had FUN! We came away with inside jokes, hashtags, and a lot of laughs. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Here are some of their versions! (Not all of them because that would be a loooooong post, but everyone did an amazing job!!)

Amber DAmber made hers in this amazing floral linen. She kindly mailed me what she had left of her fabric and it’s the perfect breezy fabric for casual summer shorts.

Sandra 1Sandra 2Sandra made two versions during testing! Both versions give me all the heart eyes; I love them both because this is the perfect example of how you can dress the pattern up or down! Visit her on Instagram here and see her blog post about testing here.

MichelleMichelle chose a classic camel/khaki color, and I love how it showcases the classic style. I wrote the pattern to be a tiny bit slouchy in the front crotch (one of the weirder sentences I’ve written), and I love the fit on Michelle. Visit her on Instagram here.

Anya Skirt Anya ShortsAnya made both views and they are STUNNING. She has a talent for picking out beautiful fabrics AND for matching stripes! She cut her skirt front panels on the bias, and matched every stripe up at center front and the side seams. I’m so impressed. Visit her on Instagram here and her blog post about testing here (I recommend checking it out because the story behind #buttfie and #chinception are included–hahaha!).

MagdaMagda went colorful, and I’m so, so glad she did! I want to eventually see this pattern in every color of the rainbow and I LOVE the orange! Visit her on Instagram here and her blog here.

Liz One of the suggestions I make in the “customization” section of the instructions is to use a different fabric on the underside of the pocket flaps. Liz went for it in such a good way! She’s my friend in real life, and she finds such good rummage sales around here! She thrifted (rummaged?) both of these fabrics. Also–I want you to know that this was the first time she had sewn a pattern for a woven, made bias tape, belt loops, bar tacks, slash pockets, pocket linings, pocket flaps, button holes, or inserting a zipper. Not only that, but she successfully used the shorten/lengthen lines to lengthen her inseam and did a thin thigh adjustment. WHAT! She killed it, baby! Visit her on Instagram here. Read her blog posts about testing here and here.

LindseyDuring testing, Lindsey was our resident full seat adjustment scientist. I think she even has a video planned on full seat adjustments in the future! While testing this pattern, she set out to find the perfect fabric for this pattern specifically, and published a video about it. You can view that here. She is half of the duo Inside the Hem on Instagram and YouTube. (She also made two versions–don’t you love the bright pink and ikat-polka-dots?!)

Amber NAmber made two versions during testing as well! I love how this pattern looks in a print. Visit her on instagram here.

LauraI love Laura’s fabric choice. Just like Michelle’s, I think it perfectly showcases the classic style of the pattern. She chose the rounded pockets + rounded pocket flaps, and I love them! She completed her first-ever full seat adjustment on this pattern. A few of my testers found that if their hip size fell into a bigger size than their waist, it was better to size down and do a FSA. This helped give room to the seat without making the back leg baggy. She also did all of this with a three-month-old baby–which, as a mom of two, I find impressive! I think she looks beautiful and happy and proud in her photos–which she absolutely should be. Visit her on Instagram here.

AudreyI know I keep saying I love the fabric choices…but come onnnnn!!! Tiny umbrellas and raindrops/polka dots?! It doesn’t get any cuter! Audrey made a straight size with a small low seat adjustment and it looks so good on her. Visit her on instagram here. View her blog post about testing here.

AshleyAshley chose this beautiful red and now I want a pair in that color! Also–how perfect does that tee look with the chinos?! Ashley’s photos sold me on the new pattern. Visit her on Instagram here.


Below you will find the list of links to each blog post in the sewalong. If you have any questions, absolutely feel free to e-mail me.


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