Alina Sewing and Design

Sewing is so many things for me; a craft, a hobby, a versatile and useful education. But, something funny happened the deeper I got into the rabbit hole–I gained confidence, I figured out who I wanted to be, I gained a new perspective and a new pair of eyes.

When clothes fit you, when you have the creative control over every detail, and when you have the ability to take a pile of fabric and notions and turn them into something both beautiful and useful–well, that’s where the magic happens.

Intro2And that’s where my blog and business (previously known as My Yellow Umbrella) began to evolve. A couple of years ago, I found myself staying at home with our first precious babe, trying to figure out where my creative life would fit into this much bigger (more important!) job of being a mom. Then 16 short months later, we were blessed with another sweet babe and all of this took a back burner.

But, a year makes a big difference and as I was designing sewing patterns for my little family/home, I realized just what my little corner of the world should look like.

So, here we are–Alina Sewing + Design Co. Stay tuned for a pattern shop and blog posts about all of the creating I’ve been up to in the last several months!




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