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It’s finally done!!! If you remember the house tour post, I showed you everything BUT the nursery because it wasn’t finished yet. I had said I was hoping to finish, photograph and blog it before I left for Kansas…which was the middle of August. And now it’s the end of September (how did that happen?!), but better late than never, right?

The biggest DIY project I think I’ve ever completed (aside from DIY-ing a human, that is…) is in this room…the rocking chair! I couldn’t find a modern, clean-lined upholstered rocking chair that I liked for less than $500. And I knew, even then, that they would probably be made cheaply, as most new furniture is. So, one Sunday afternoon, my brain was dreaming and scheming as it usually is and I thought, “Hey! I said last year that I thought it would be awesome to build an upholstered piece of furniture completely from scratch…why not do a piece that I’m really needing?!?” AWESOME idea, Alina…bad idea to wait to do it until you were 33-35 weeks pregnant. BUT, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done! And I love it. 🙂 I designed it to custom fit me since I’m probably the one who will be spending the most time in it. The back comes up the perfect height for me to lean my head back, the arms are the perfect height for supporting my arms while nursing/rocking, the front sits the perfect height off of the ground for my legs. It’s incredible.

Anyway–let’s take a look, shall we?!

Nursery Reveal 1

By the way, here is what the other side of the room looks like, if that helps orientate you with the house tour pictures.

Nursery Reveal 2

I bought this solid-wood Ethan Allen secretary desk at an estate sale in Wichita a couple of years ago and it sat in my garage untouched. When we found out we were expecting, J sanded it down. I waited to paint it until we moved here so that the movers wouldn’t scratch it up. This thing is SOLID…and the big moving men cursed my existence when I told them they needed to put it on the second floor. 🙂

I replaced all of the hardware and used 2-inch gold vinyl wall decals to create a “confetti” design on the inside. My husband thinks it looks like I only did half of it…but it’s supposed to look like confetti being dropped from one corner and scattering.Nursery Reveal 3

You may recognize those bookshelves! They’re the postcard shelves from my first apartment in Kansas City. They never found a home in our house in Wichita, so they were still taped together when we got to Virginia. When my mom started sending us these AWESOME BabyLit children’s books, I knew they needed to be displayed. I remembered the postcard shelves and they were the perfect depth to hold books!
Nursery Reveal 4 Nursery Reveal 5After I finished taking photos, I sat down to look through my camera and make sure I’d gotten everything. Cooper hopped right up into my lap…which I think means he approves of the nursery. Or…he knows what’s coming and he was marking his territory, so to speak. 😉
Nursery Reveal 6


Source List

Secretary desk: Ethan Allen, thrifted and refinished
Crib: Secondhand from The Knapsack, a local consignment shop in Virginia Beach
Tallboy dresser: Stolen inherited from J’s growing-up room. 🙂 It’s a sweet and perfect addition.
Rocking Chair: DIY-ed, yo!
Ottoman: Target (clearance for $17!!!! And the top comes off so it can be used for storage!)
Gold side table: thrifted for $5 (!) at a local thrift shop and spray-painted gold
Bookshelf crates: Bought raw from Home Depot and stained
Lamps: Garden Ridge
Bookshelves: DIY
Crib sheets: I made them…but I also sell them in my Etsy shop!
Rug: Dragör from IKEA
Faux sheepskin: IKEA
Triangle wall decals: Walls by Mur, in Oxford and Gold (bought on a crazy sale!)
Circle decals (on secretary desk/changing table): Walls Need Love, 2-inch in gold
Changing pad cover: DIY
Boppy cover: DIY (I bought a plain white one and potato-stamped it with gold fabric paint!)
Quilt: DIY
Cameras and baby scale: vintage
Mobile: DIY (those twine spheres are left over from our wedding, if you recognized them! Another fun addition. I tied them together and added gold/cream yarn pom poms, which I also made)
“Never grow up” Peter Pan artwork: Twittering Bird, bought locally at Kitsch
Map artwork: DIY (I modpodged a Rand McNally world map onto a canvas from Michael’s [bought with a 40% off coupon, of course], “gold-washed” it with watered-down gold metallic paint and hand-painted a scripture onto it with regular acrylic navy paint)
Pillows: DIY

Have I forgotten anything?! Feel free to ask if I have. 🙂

We love you so much already, little one! Your dad and I have poured a lot of time and energy into making this a fun and comfortable room and while you probably won’t have an opinion about how it looks, we at least hope you’ll be comfortable. 🙂 And also…your dad picked out the scripture and says you need to read the Bible. 😀


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