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Chapter 8: We’re HOW far along?!

Well, here we are in the third trimester.

How did THAT happen?! A friend phrased it well today: “the days are long, but time is short.”


I woke up yesterday and realized that this baby will be considered full-term in less than 10 weeks…which means I could be a MOM in 10 weeks. Or 15. (Or tomorrow, but let’s pray this baby stays in until all development is complete!) That’s the thing…it’s like knowing you have a deadline for possibly the most life-changing event to-date, but not knowing where exactly that deadline is. It’s felt so far away, unreal, non-threatening, and out-of-reach…until now.

I’m leaving for Wichita in two weeks and will get to spend two full weeks there, which I’m super excited about. But when I get back, I could possibly have as little as 6 weeks left to “prepare” (ahh, the elusive, immeasurable p-word when it comes to parenthood). It hit me the other day that I should REALLY make the childbirth/breastfeeding classes and labor & delivery tour a priority when I get back. I mentioned this a few days ago, but I’ve given myself a mental goal to finish the nursery before I leave town, and really I’m pretty close. Just a few small things and one big project left (building and upholstering the rocker)…but I’ve got two weeks to do that (and a bunch of other stuff! oh dear).

As for how the actual pregnancy is going? It’s going well. I’ve really only started to feel uncomfortable in the last week and a half or so and I know I am one BLESSED girl to have made it this far with such minimal discomfort. Actually, to have made it this far at all. I am blessed, blessed, blessed.

I would say the awesomeness of comfort peaked at around week 24; I was looking pretty pregnant and it was obvious that I wasn’t just hauling around a burrito belly, I was enjoying the baby movement, I had great energy, I could still fit into ALL of my long tank tops and maternity shirts normally, I could sleep comfortably…you get the picture.

Since then, the baby has continued to grow “up”…into my ribs. May I explain to you that getting kicked in the ribs while simultaneously feeling the baby’s head bounce the other direction into my nether regions is unpleasant? It is. Or that breathing or eating normal amounts is quickly leaving my list of abilities (squished innards). Or that this baby is getting heavier by the day, which is confusing my body and my back on the basics of weight distribution, resulting in a fair amount of constant lower back pain. Oh, and that increased urination has returned, which makes sleeping through the night a thing of the past. It’s not comfortable to sit slightly slouched (ouch, ribs, but good for the always over-arched back) or with my back slightly arched (see above). Also…I’m quickly running out of maternity shirts and extra-long tank tops that stay covering the belly without constantly tugging them down…what do I do when they don’t at all any more?!

I sound like I’m complaining…I’m not. I’m actually quite grateful for the opportunity to carry this surprise baby and I’m so blessed that this baby is growing so well, so on track and so strong (even if I do feel like my ribs are cracking). I know this is part of the territory. But I can tell the lack of solid sleep is making me a bit more impatient, which makes all of the nagging aches and pains seem amplified in my mind.

Anyway, that’s where my head is at these days. Want to see where my body’s at? *snicker*

I’ve been taking weekly pictures since the beginning, as you probably already know. I decided to put them all together, thus far (minus week 8, which is when we were house-hunting and hotel-hopping here in Virginia back in March, and week 23, when time got ahead of me and, before I knew it, I had missed that week altogether).

I noticed big changes at weeks 13 and 16, and then the biggest being the 17-19 range (which is the weeks we were moving across the country). Since then, it looks pretty consistent!


Let’s just take a look at the day we found out (4 weeks, 1 day) vs. yesterday (27 weeks, 2 days…I’m a bit behind this week) to compare…


Three things:

1. I miss that flat stomach and being able to bend over normally. And laying/sleeping on said flat stomach.
2. I still have 10-15 weeks of growing left?!?!?!?!?! Ouchy.
3. I’m completely blown away by how God designed the human body…or that we females can grow a whole ‘nother person inside of ours, sustaining them AND ourselves. It’s amazing how fast something so small (see left) can grow to be so big (see right) in the matter of 23 weeks.

So, that’s where we stand, at the end of the second trimester/beginning of the third. This train is about to REALLY start moving!


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