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Chapter 6: Making Memories

Hi friends! I love that you’re all caught up on our pregnancy now. I also love that I don’t have to remember to not slip anything telling, but can REALLY talk to and confide in friends when they ask how I’m doing with the move.

We’re abut halfway through our 16th week, which seems crazy to me. Time is seriously flying right now! I know it’s because our life is so full and we have so much up in the air right now…I’m thinking things will slow down just a bit as I get further along (and more uncomfortable). 15w1d

As far as cravings go, I’m still craving fresh, leafy greens in form of salads and juice. Earlier on, I was intensely craving citrus, but that’s lessened just a bit…although, I am usually drinking some lemon or lime water, so maybe that’s secretly fulfilling my cravings. 🙂 My other main craving is SUSHI. It’s really borderline shameful how many California rolls I’ve consumed in the last three weeks. Nom nom nom. _MG_0815In other news, life is pretty hectic right now. The moving truck comes two weeks from today and the packers will have been here packing for the two days prior. However, I’m hosting a baby shower for my bestie, who is ten weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, on Saturday evening! So, this week is focused on getting ready for the shower, having coffee and dinner dates with friends one last time and fulfilling any shop orders that come in.

Amy and her little family move this weekend (wahhhhh!!!!!) to Kansas City for residency. This past Monday was their last week at our church community group, so we had a picnic at the park and took a couple of final group pictures (serious and goofy, of course)!

Chapter61 Chapter62

Amy asked me to come take family pictures in front of their house before they move this weekend. I’m going to miss these people immensely!


These are the memories we’re trying to make and capture during this hectic-on-hyperspeed last two weeks. It’s a bittersweet time!


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