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Oh dear…I have been absent from here for weeks now. I feel as though I am always apologizing for my absence and delays in posting! Business has been booming, which is enough to keep a girl (or two, including Amy) busy. But…we’ve had a little something else going on. It’s basically the ultimate DIY project. It’s not furniture, home, sewing or upholstery-related. You see…about 10 weeks ago, Cowboy and I found out we were going to be welcoming a little baby into the world. SURPRISE! At least we were. 🙂


We’re just starting our 15th week and there’s really only a very slight bump to prove it! But then again, baby is only about the size of a lemon, so we can’t expect a first pregnancy to show very much or very early, right? (Excuse the pasty white glue sticks that are my arms and legs. Kansas has yet to give us Spring for more than a day or two at a time. We had SNOW last week!)


I know the bump is WAY more noticeable to me because, well, it’s my body. Comparing it to the classic “I just found out I’m pregnant and feel the need to document the flatness my stomach may never see again” photo (haha!), you may see a slight difference. 🙂5wks

Since finding out 2.5 months ago, I’ve been journaling our initial reactions, our thoughts as we processed, our family’s reactions, and I’ll be sharing them with you in chapters over the next few days. Lots of opportunity for TMI and for getting to cry along with us as you watch our families find out. 🙂

In other news, you guys knew we had a lot on our plates this year already, right?! The packers come three weeks from today to begin boxing up our belongings. The truck will come two days later to load up the boxes and furniture and then we’ll all start the trek out to Virginia. We still have no idea what day our stuff will be arriving, but who needs to know that, right? June 10, Cowboy will begin orientation for residency and three weeks later, the 90-hour work weeks begin.

This is shaping up to be a very adventurous year ahead of us! We know that the Lord is in complete control of the details and the timing, and we’re excited to take it on (with His strength, patience, mercy and grace, of course)! Nobody can say our second year of marriage will have been boring… 😀

P.S. Answer to FAQs below…

–No, we will not be finding out the gender. We want to be surprised!
–No, I don’t have a “feeling” either way, girl or boy…although I truly DO NOT crave sweets (they really don’t appeal at all), so I guess it COULD be a boy… 🙂
–No, we don’t have any names picked out. We haven’t even started “looking”!


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