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Hello, friends! We’re busy, busy, busy over here wrapping things up (literally and figuratively) before the holidays. Can you believe Christmas is in FIVE days?? I actually didn’t realize it was so close until I stopped in at Starbucks yesterday (guilty pleasure: gingerbread latté) and saw their chalkboard countdown. Luckily, I think we’re pretty much done with everything we need to buy and make, so that feels good!

On another note, I’ve realized once again that I have this weird need to know how everything works…and I learn by doing, so that usually means I want to try it. I once tried to crochet in high school…it didn’t go well. But lately I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit. Some of my cool friends do it, and that desire to learn grew until I was stuck in the car for the five-hour drive to Eureka Springs, AR last weekend for our anniversary trip (post on that coming later!)…and I had nothing to do but peruse Pinterest (once I recovered from my car sickness…those Missouri and Arkansas back roads are a KILLER).

So, for the price of a handmade scarf, I had all of the supplies I needed to learn and to make a cowl (I’m about halfway done). And I loooove it! I can do it while watching a movie with my love and still feel like I’m accomplishing something. Yep…really bad at doing nothing, I know, *Emily*.

All of this brings me to the point of this post:

Pretty much the cutest thing ever, right? I needed something to keep all of these needles and yarn organized and together when I wasn’t using them. So when I found this tutorial for round-bottomed fabric buckets on Pinterest, it was on! I used the measurements for the large bucket and altered them slightly:

  • Instead of cutting a 10.5-inch circle for the bottom, I cut 11.5 and that was perfect.
  • I added pockets to the inside. To do this, cut an additional lining piece, same width, but half as tall. Hem what is the top edge, then sew this piece onto the main lining piece every 2.5-3 inches (or however wide you want your pockets to be…mine were pretty narrow since they are meant to hold knitting needles, but I have a few 5-inch pockets in there for miscellaneous tools, folded up patterns and circular needles)…then proceed as normal!

Pretty awesome, right? Many thanks to FITF for their awesome tutorial! This just took me a few minutes to make this morning and it’s super functional. Makes my heart happy. 🙂

OK, I have last-minute Christmas orders to fulfill…AKA another FULL set of stockings…yikes, I don’t think they’ll be delivered in time for Christmas, but I’ll try!

Merry Christmas week, friends!



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