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If you guys follow me on Instagram (@AlinaMichele), you might have seen that I was working on restocking the Sailor’s Knot Doorstops/Paperweights for the Shop tonight. I sold my entire inventory in the past few days and have sold three more on top of that since last night, so away to restock I went. It has been featured in a few treasury lists this week and I assumed that’s where the increase in business was coming from.

Picture this with me: I’ve finished hand-tying all ten of the new weights (while watching Elf!), I’ve packaged the three already sold to ship out tomorrow morning, and while I was on Etsy taking care of things, I thought I would pop over to Etsy’s Gift Guide and check things out. *cue me humming right along* “How fun!” I thought, “ohh, neat!” I said to myself as I browsed through things. “Hey, I’ll check out the ‘Decor for Her’ section…lalala-UMMM…WHAT IN THE WORLD?!” *tires screeching, me choking, jaw falling through macbook* “UHHHHHHH…” I yelled through the house, to which my husband knows to respond, “What?!”

“UMMMM….I’m featured in a section of Etsy’s 2012 Gift Guide…in the top 15…OF THE VERY FIRST PAGE!?!?!?!?!?!?”

It’s…incredible? Frightening? Hold on, me thinks, I’ve only just announced this shop three weeks ago! In that month I’ve both been contacted by Anthropologie AND featured in Etsy’s Gift Guide (which is, like, a billion times better than being featured on the first page because it stays for some time!)?!?!?!?! Holyyyyyyy, what is happening here?!

I’m fairly certain items in this gift guide move around a bit and I’m not always on the first page, but you can imagine my surprise when that’s exactly where I found myself!

OK, now in all seriousness…God is already blessing this little shop so much. I don’t feel like I have an extensive amount of items to choose from (working on that!), but there’s not one thing in that shop that hasn’t sold, several times over in many cases!

And I am so grateful. Thank you each for your support, whether it be here on the blog in the form of comment, or on facebook, or if you’ve even ordered something from my shop. I am forever grateful!



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