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Hello, friends!

This post is SUCH an exciting one for me! I’ve been working my tail off for the last month and a half to recreate, re-dream and build My Yellow Umbrella. At the beginning of October, Cowboy left to spend the month in San Diego, so I sat myself down and started listing all of the “dreams” I had for this little blog of mine…all of the “someday” items. I saw:

  • a new, self-hosted/revamped/clean (for my picture-heavy posts) web site (and oh, the work that would entail),
  • an Etsy shop (and OH, the work that would entail),
  • all-new, seamless branding across all areas of MYU,
  • including…beautiful custom hang tags and business cards to hand to people every time “what I do” comes up in a conversation,
  • a place to send people who wanted custom upholstery and sewing.

Basically…I wanted to see all of the things I do (blogging, upholstery, sewing jobs, Etsy shop) housed in one place (the web site) and I wanted the branding for all of it to be seamless. And it had to be beautiful. And I wanted to move everything I liked over from blogger and then leave the rest behind, starting fresh to create something clean and beautiful (according to my tastes, obviously…I realize not everyone loves a plain white page) so that the photographs of my work could really be the stars.

Fast forward to this very moment; the Etsy shop has been launched, business cards have arrived and are regularly being handed out, I’ve re-branded every piece of all of it and last, but not least…you’re reading the first blog post originally posted to Thanks to John of and, who has spent the last week helping me work out some of the technical side of running a web site, and was up very late last night (we were working from opposite chronological directions and there were lots of “which post are you on?” e-mails as we approached, and then passed, midnight) manually putting redirects in place for every single blog page and post…we’re live a day early. Our work is not done…no, now comes all of the optimizing and oiling the blog machine to make things move efficiently. So, you might see a few tweaks here and there over the next couple of weeks, but most of the cosmetics are final (so, hopefully you just start seeing things move quickly, if any difference at all!).

So, without further ado, I welcome you to the new-and-improved My Yellow Umbrella, Blog + Shop. I’m so excited to see all of these little dreams becoming reality…in one place. The amount of excitement and pride I feel right now makes all of the late nights, countless work hours and monetary investment worth it.

And most importantly, I need to close with a thank you to all of you who make this possible for me to dream about. The friends, family and the dedicated we’ve-never-met-in-real-life readers…all of your support is what takes these dreams from potential to reality!

So, thank you. And welcome. Have a look around, let me know if you notice anything amiss, and don’t hesitate to offer feedback if something’s really just not working for you (I’m talking about , “hey, you should add more information to this page because that would be helpful and less confusing” and not, “hey, your new web site is UGGGGLY!” hahaha! 😀 )


P.S. I’ll be back later with a new product launch and some very exciting sales for the holiday weekend (Black Friday + Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday, OH MY!)


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