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Hello, friends!
Do you remember The Red Barn Outdoor Market I kept talking about back in April? Well, the Fall edition was last weekend! I got the honor of taking some pictures of the day and you can see all of the photos here.
I also came home with some goodies, one of which being an antique door. I swooned when I saw it, but I nearly died when the vendor told me he was only asking $10. I might have run across the grounds to find my husband, who held our spending money for the day.
He (Cowboy), of course, was great and also hauled it home for me. 
So here she leans against my dining room wall and I want to know: what would you do to her? 
  1. Paint her up and distress her down.
  2. Ehh…maybe not so harsh…a whitewash at the most.
  3. Leave her just like she is, beautiful and simple.
  4. None of the above, I would ______________ (fill in the blank).

 In all seriousness, it was the hardware that stole my heart.

On another note, she currently showcases an ampersand poster that I designed and printed. Because, well, I love ampersands as much as my sister loves anchors.

And it’s hanging from a vintage hanger that I scored a few months back at another local vintage shop.

It’s the little things that make this home a place that I love and a place that is me.

So, go on…tell me what you’d do to that door!


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