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I did it, friends. I checked off yet another goal on my 2012 list: making a piece of clothing for myself.
I ordered the fabric for this dress, after finding the pattern I was needing for $.99 (!), back in January. So, since I recently found myself with time to be creative and a new sewing machine…you know I got busy!

And a little curtsy for you all…because Cowboy made me do it.

Project Deets:

The Inspiration: Modcloth’s Doing the Two-Step Dress

The Pattern: Simplicity 2248

The Fabric: Navy/White Seersucker (from for $7.98/yard) and white cotton fabric to line it (Hobby Lobby for $4.99/yard without a coupon/sale)

The Pattern Changes:

  1. I added the “designer wrap” which is part of the pattern, but the pattern has it wrapping around and tying in the back, which I didn’t love (I have a love/hate relationship with dresses that tie in the back), so I wrapped across the front and then sewed them into the side seams (see side view pic above). 
  2. The pattern also didn’t call for any type of lining, but it was definitely necessary (and so much nicer) with the seersucker, so I basically cut my pattern out twice (once in each fabric) and sewed everything together as one. 
  3. Third, I added piping everywhere the pattern told me it was optional (armholes and yoke back), but I also added it to the wrap in front.

The Cost:

  • I ordered 3 yards of seersucker, so I paid $23.94 up front, but I have a little over a yard left (so I’ll be making myself some summer shorts, too!), so I’ll count it as $15.96
  • $0.99 cents for the pattern
  • Two yards of white cotton fabric to line the seersucker, $6.98 (30% off)
  • Two packages of pre-made piping (5 yards total) from Hobby Lobby for $3.34
  • One white zipper from Hobby Lobby for $2.49 regular, $1.49 with a coupon
  • TOTAL: $28.76 🙂
Which not only makes me super excited, seeing as how I have a dress that I love and that fits me like a glove and is completely customized to my liking, but when I was “Pinterest-ing” (my new version of Googling) for ideas on what to do with my leftover seersucker (after I had already made my dress, mind you), I saw this dress, available at Nordstrom for $98!
Yes, mission doubly accomplished.
Also, before I close, I want to mention that, after opening my new machine, I went “Pinterest-ing” for some type of guide to all of the new presser feet I found in my possession. What I found was much more than I was looking for, in the best kind of way. I was led to a lesson on presser feet, by Raechel Myers…which was part of a sort of online sewing “course” she offered last month, called Sewing 101. Because it was such an extensive collection of topics and lessons, I decided to go through each lesson and follow her direction to a T. EVERY second I invested in watching (and re-watching in most cases) her videos, reading through her direction and completing my notebook, was well worth it. I taught myself how to sew, so since I never really had someone show me the “right” way to do things, I learned something new in every lesson, even those most basic. All of this prepared me for the final week, which was the only time I deviated from her specific lessons…instead of making a bag, I made this dress. I am SO glad I first spent the time to learn…instead of looking at my pattern and only seeing shapes (like I did when I first looked at it in January), I saw and understood all of the tailor’s tacks, notches, seam allowance notes, etc. I GOT it. And even though I took my time with it, it all made sense. So, if you taught yourself how to sew or you don’t know how to sew, give her a visit!
Have a great week, friends!


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