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The last time you saw my home office, I was working for the ad agency and the room looked like this:
Well, since I’ve now quit my job, the room now looks like this:
Most importantly, the addition of this lady, pictured below. Ladies and gentleman, at the urging of my saintly Cowboy, I craiglisted my old, beginner-level machine and invested in a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. It has an extension table (which will come in super handy when I get to the quilting part of my quilt, it can handle upholstery-thickness fabrics (which is necessary as I start to take on more and more upholstery jobs) and you can program it to do just about anything (except your chores, I guess). I’m currently working on making a seersucker dress for this summer, which is another goal that was on my 2012 list.
The best part (because I wouldn’t be true to myself or MYU if I didn’t share this), is that JoAnn’s lists the MSRP for this machine as $999.99. But do you think I would really pay that much, even as an investment, for a sewing machine? Not in a million years. This girl is too cheap frugal. I found it on Amazon, on sale for $329.99 (down from $699.99) and put it on our credit card…because we had gotten a $79 refund after we paid the card balance last month, leaving us with a $79 credit! So, while we had actually paid that $79 when we paid the card’s balance, it still brought the actual total for me to pay this month down to $250! In addition to that, I sold my other machine for $39. So, for $212, I have a machine valued at $1,000 sitting in my house. I feel pretty lucky. And blessed to have a husband who encourages me to spend a little money on these types of things (thanks, babe)!

Removing the computer equipment meant that I could devote my desk (remember when we built it?) entirely to a permanent sewing area. Such a welcome change from having to lug out my machine anytime I wanted to use it.

Another part about re-arranging this room was increasing storage. Since this is now a dedicated project room, I don’t have to, nor do I want to, see projects sprawled across my dining room anymore. And do you remember this turquoise cabinet that I re-did to sell at The Red Barn Outdoor Market? Yeah, I kept it. Inside, I stashed patterns, small fabric scraps, notions, needles and a few other small items. Pretty perfect and a cheery burst of color for the room, eh?

I already had these trunks, scored at local thrift shops, and they make for awesome storage for fabric, crates full of little stuff, and items that I rarely need access to. The Pepsi crate is holding fabric scraps. And when I’m cutting fabric or ironing, the Pepsi crate goes to the floor and the trunks become the perfect waist-height counter space.

Our printers were moved to this corner, off of the ground and onto shelves that were previously in our bedroom. The small gray metal drawers (thrifted) hold receipts (one for personal and one for MYU) and the yellow metal box (also thrifted) corrals all of my important business paperwork (i.e. EIN# letter, etc.). The metal crate on top is holding yarns and more fabrics.

 This might actually be my favorite part…a piece of scrap metal, some super strong magnets and a few magnetic organizers later, I have a perfect place to both organize and display my many new presser feet, fabric scissors, snips, pins, bobbins, instruction manuals, rotary cutter and other sewing necessities (the tiny machine screw driver, seam ripper, tracing wheel, etc.). We got trim last night to build a quick frame for it and it will be hanging on the wall soon.

And yes, I had to answer some weird questions from a Lowe’s employee when I, a lone 23-year-old girl, walked to the register, scrap metal and industrial magnets in tow.

As for where I’ve been, life as a nanny and furniture-overhauler is good! A few of my pieces that didn’t sell at the Market are inside of the Cottage Collective (the red dresser and the reupholstered green wingback), so go check it out if you’re in the Wichita area! 
P.S. Jade Street Photography took the official event pictures of The Red Barn Outdoor Market…see them here! (And yes, that girl who thinks she’s a model or something with her hair blowing in the wind and her hand on her hip…is me. Please be gentle.)


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