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Happy Tuesday! Today, we’re taking a short and sweet break from the wedding posts for a house update!

Remember when I gave you a tour of our current house? If so, do you remember the dining room looking like this?

And do you remember when this happened to my antique dining table and chairs?
Well, last week, a little of this happened…

 And today, the dining room looks like this:

 *cue happy Alina dance*

I’ve wanted to strip our table since I moved into this house back in October! Alas, I finally crossed it off of the ever-growing to-do list. The chairs went white (there was NO way I was stripping the 10+ layers of paint, poly and who knows what else off of those beautiful turned legs and the details carved into the backs of the chairs!) and the cushions were given a facelift with a fresh navy and white striped fabric. I found a large poster map at the DAV a couple of months back and Cowboy and I built the giant frame that now houses it. We hung some “high and wide” curtains (drop cloth curtains hung from rope!), which was the perfect touch to our nautical-esque room and makes it feel ginormous (<– official word) and tall. The best part was that, while all of these projects have been going on over the past couple of weeks, we got to put the room back together last night, which is my favorite part. I am loving the dining room! It’s not “done” per se, but we’re a few steps closer to having it feel like a more decorated room.

P.S. Do you see that red dresser? You’ve already seen it if you follow along on our facebook page, but that sweet little thing will be getting a lined-drawer treatment, and then she’ll be ready for sale at The Red Barn Outdoor Market, where MYU will have a booth! Make sure you come see us, as this is our debut as an official shop! 🙂

Finally, and unrelated, look at the treasures I found this weekend at a local antique mall! My steal of the day was the vintage folding chair…it was marked for $6 (each…which, sadly, makes me believe there were others that were already gone), but the entire mall was on sale, so I walked out with that bad boy for $5.10! Oh, happy day.

How was your weekend? Any great finds or progress on your to-do list?


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