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Hello, loves!
We did it. We tied the knot, we got hitched, we said our “I Do’s”! 
And it was the best wedding day we ever could have asked for. Ever. And I mean it. 50+ degree day in December with clear skies, no wind, no icy roads, no hiccups…nothing but pure bliss! I loved every minute of it. Since we created, designed, and built nearly everything ourselves, I can’t wait to show you every detail of DIY that went into the perfect day. However…you’ve figured out by my lack of posting lately that we’ve been busy, busy, busy! Too busy to take pictures to blog about said projects. SO–my wonderful friend and sole wedding photographer, Jackie Cooper of Jackie Cooper Photo made it a point to take as many detail shots as she could muster. Once we get wedding photos back (which will be by January 14, at the latest!), you betcha we’ll be getting the play-by-play on! I can’t WAIT to share all of the details.
Sigh. After our [perfect] wedding day, we honeymooned in the Smoky Mountains (more on that later). We came home in time for Christmas with [both of our new] families, and we have this week off, too. 
Hanging out with Cooper (he stayed with his grandma and grandpa while we were gone)

 Enjoying our Christmas tree…

{Sidenote: this was a wedding gift! I’d been seeing the wedding invite ornaments floating around Pinterest and had every intention in making one…until someone did me better and made one for us! I LOVE these types of gifts!}
{Second sidenote: Beki at The Rusted Chain makes these ornaments. My mom gave it to us for Christmas earlier this month. It’s the perfect blend of handmade, lovely and rustic–just like our wedding!}
{Third and final sidenote: this was part of someone’s wrapping for another of our wedding gifts. It became an ornament as soon as we opened the gift! So many talented and creative people around me…who I definitely need to get to know better.}

Still hanging out with Cooper…who’s getting a bit of shut-eye.

Hello, husband. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Enjoying being MARRIED!

Having breakfast for dinner… (this photo alone may require my apologies to all vegetarians and vegans)

 Enjoying our Christmas presents…

Did I mention being married?

Doing some reading (which also includes enjoying said Christmas presents)…

 Watching movies…

Playing games……

…while Cooper still gets more shut-eye…and looks adorable doing it. He’s such a cute little model. 🙂

We’re also being productive. We opened all of our cards on Christmas Eve and our gifts on Christmas Day (I’ve never gotten so many presents on Christmas!!), returned all duplicate wedding gifts, have picked up our official marriage license, changed my name with social security, driver’s license, tag office, etc., and moved him in (for the most part) since he didn’t live here until post-wedding. I’m SO glad we had another week off when we got home!

On another note, I CAN’T BELIEVE January is close enough to touch! 2011 has been a great year–bring on 2012!

Stay safe and talk to you next year, friends!


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