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Whew! Starting to get back on track; not quite into a groove yet, but the post-move crazies are starting to settle just in time for wedding planning to ramp back up! We’ve been up to a lot in October already, so I thought I’d share a slew of pictures from the cell (as that’s the best representation I have!). Forgive me for the poor picture quality, but 1) I have no idea where my camera is right now (haven’t seen it nor gone looking for it since before the move), and 2) I know the batteries are dead, so there’s no use in me trying to find it right now!

I literally filled my car to the brim…front to back, side to side and top to bottom…three weekends in a row. You’re looking at the front seat looking back!

 Aaand, we STILL had the entire trailer full last weekend! (And Cowboy even took a load in his truck at the end of September!) Holy Moses, where did all of this stuff come from?!

But, we eventually got the entire apartment cleared out. Looks pretty different than it did from the apartment tour last month, doesn’t it?

Before I left KC, I went to a “see you later” dinner at Buca di Beppo on the Plaza with some of my girlfriends. As we were walking into the restaurant, I saw this:

If you don’t recognize that car, you probably don’t understand why I stopped and took a picture of it!

At the beginning of October, my mom and I (and her friend, Lisa!) drove up to Hesston for the bi-annual barn sale. All I can say is…awesome. I came home with a vintage suitcase, a vintage serving plate, a necklace, two bars of handmade soap, two vintage tins (I will be re-purposing them…deets coming soon!), a pair of earrings and more…for $38! Seriously…it.was.awesome. It was all handmade or thrifted, it was beautiful and it was really exciting to meet some local vendors!

 Then, the following weekend (back in Wichita again), these little munchkins (these belong to my soon to be sister-in-law Nicole) showed up at my house…

 …while their dad (Jacob, Cowboy’s brother) and Cowboy were hanging our newly-built porch swing. He (Jacob) built this by hand as a wedding present for us. Amazing, right?! Just wait until you realize it has cup holders!

 Also, in important news…I found this rug here for 75% off at one of the Target stores in KC (which means I paid $87 for the original $350 price!). Actually, my awesome friend Erin tipped me off. She’s amazing! And the rug is also amazing in our living room.

 And, now that the move is finally complete, I’ve been able to do a few small projects around the house! I made a fall wreath for a few bucks since I’ve been whining for fall decor. Oh! And that’s the vintage suitcase I picked up at the barn sale. $12 bucks…crazy cheap, right? It’s in perfect condition, too, which makes this girl elated. It’s sitting in front of the door because the front door closes itself. I needed a doorstop and immediately remembered a sailor’s knot doorstop I saw on Pinterest and pinned a while back…

 …so I made it! Tutorial and pictures coming soon!

I’ve also created a small terrarium…

 Cooper’s realized he belongs in windowsills…

 I made new curtains for the back door (the old ones had geese on them…and were really, really, really dirty. They crunched when I took them off of the back door. Um…gross.)

 Which brings us to this past weekend–our official first weekend in Wichita! I carved “J&A” and Cowboy carved a pumpkin…like a pumpkin shape into his pumpkin. His creativity astounds me! I later found out that’s what he carved last year too–hahaha!! Love him.

 And, since I’m now working remotely for the agency, I am in need of a desk! So, last Saturday night, we built a desk. It’s a chunky, heavy, big-hardware, solid desk and I feel like it’s something we could have paid thousands for from Restoration Hardware. We spent around $70! It’s currently in the garage awaiting its third coat of stain and a coat of poly. As soon as it’s cured and in the house, I’ll be posting final pictures and a tutorial for the desk as well!

Whew! And that’s how you give a month-long update in under 800 words!
P.S. if you saw the MYU facebook post today, we’re only 51 days away from the wedding. Go check out how we’re counting down “officially” here at the house!


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