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The first time I typed my title, I typed, “I’m Here and I’m Alice!” So, just call me Alice today! 😉

We’ve been doing so much that I feel completely disoriented. I’m so used to traveling on the weekends that, after moving this weekend, I felt like it was time to drive home to Kansas City. What a strange feeling to stay! Since I was off yesterday and today, I feel like maybe I’m just staying for an extra couple of days before driving “home.” So weird…

But, I’m happy to report that our move went smoothly, everything is here, and almost everything is put away. We have some really, really super awesome friends (Alex & Krissy!) that helped us move. Lauren’s parents were moving (across town) this weekend too, so her and Tyler were already here. Since I had previously moved everything but the last few bits of furniture, it only took about 30 or 45 minutes to unload once my stuff we got here. We then found out that Lauren’s family was quickly approaching their deadline to be out of their old house and they were only halfway done, so Alex, Krissy, Cowboy and I drove over there to help. It was a looooong day, to say the least. Sunday, we all slept in, had a big breakfast and just hung around until everyone left mid-afternoon for KC.

As far as the new house, we are loving it! Furniture is in place, for the most part, and I’ve been doing the small 5-minute projects here and there so that I feel like I’m accomplishing something! I’ll be taking pictures for a preliminary house tour and updating you with the small projects I’ve been doing this week. I hung the first item on the walls tonight (a mirror in the entry way) and can I just say that I am not a fan of plaster walls? HOLY.COW.

Anyway–more to come this week…can’t wait to show you the new digs!

P.S. Is everyone done decorating for fall? I’m so ready to start mine, but I’m afraid it will be time to decorate for Christmas by the time I get settled, lol! Oh well, bring on the Christmas trees!!


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