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*Lets out big breath*

I’ve been running around like a crazy person for the last two weeks. May I just remind each and every one of you how much fun moving is…not? Cowboy took a load of furniture down two weekends ago, I took all of the decor/pillows/books/dining chairs/random crap down last weekend and this weekend I took everything in the kitchen, bathroom, hall closet, my closet and some other random boxes. The sad news is that I’m literally living in an empty white box. I had to pack a bag to come back to Kansas City for the week, which was a really strange feeling! The good/awesome news is that, with the help of Cowboy and our cousin Britt, every single bit of the new house is cleaned and things are put away. What an awesome feeling! Next weekend is the final move, so I’ll be getting the apartment cleaned and ready to move out of this week and then all we have left to move is two dressers, my bed and nightstand, the couch and the washer/dryer! It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’m so grateful for the help everyone has offered and proud/excited about how much progress we’ve made! Next weekend should be pretty simple. In the meantime, I have five days left in the office before I transition to working from home in our new city and plans every night this week with my beloved KC girlfriends!

I did finally also get around to posting the apartment tour page with links to projects–sorry about the delay there! I’m hoping to get some more posts out this week about the backlog of projects I’ve done in the last six weeks, but I make no promises. 🙂 I’m also hoping to return to a normal schedule again once the move is over (and we won’t be traveling every weekend anymore!) because I REALLY want to decorate for fall–I feel like I’m missing it! However, I also know that once the move is over, it will be time to start focusing on the wedding again, since I’ve put planning and projects on hold until after the move. Only two months and one week left now! We’ve had two of the four showers people are so graciously planning for us, but the whole “getting married” thing didn’t hit me and feel “real” until we were moving stuff into the house last weekend. I remember standing in the living room looking around and seeing items that belonged to both of us…in the same room…in the same house. I looked at Cowboy and said, “WHOA…we’re going to be living together! There’s like…boy stuff and girl stuff in here!” It sounds funny, and we were definitely laughing, but I got so giddy and excited! He won’t move into the house until after we get married, but since that’s so close and since we’ve been living in separate cities for all but three weeks of our engagement, it was the first time it really felt real. SO exciting!

Seriously, so excited and thankful about where we are in life right now. We are blessed and I’ll be relishing in that this week as one chapter closes and another begins!


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