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The first time most people walk into my apartment, they almost always say, “wow! This is not how I imagined it being laid out!” and “ohh…I remember the blog post where you made this…and this too!”…which is true! You have always seen the details of my apartment, but never the big picture. Well, before I started packing everything up this week, I decided to take some final pictures. This being my first apartment, I moved into this white box with a just few pieces of furniture, some pots and pans, some bedding…you know, the basics. So I can literally say I’ve been “building” this apartment to what it is now slowly over the past two years. It’s a bittersweet thing to pack it all up and this place will always be important for the memories and growth it represents. So here it is–imperfect, but comfortable and a place I feel happy and content in. Also…please take note if you, too, live in an apartment! You can do a lot with these blank white boxes!

Yes, I do have a yellow umbrella hanging on my balcony.

Entry way

Walking through the entry way, you see this part of the living room to your right and straight ahead.

Left side of the living room/in front of the balcony door.

Living room/front door/balcony door view from inside.

This angle of my bedroom is probably fairly familiar…

This angle, not so much! On the right, you’re looking at the bathroom and the hall closet that you also see from the left-side living room shots.

Bathroom…you haven’t seen it since before I updated!

You have, however, seen my painted striped shower curtain! For art, I just framed a piece of scrap fabric in an IKEA frame! So fun and textural.

This is the kitchen from both ends. The door with the wreath leads to a pantry/water heater closet. 

At the other end of the kitchen (next to the fridge),  you’ll find another door that leads to my laundry room/tool & project supply room.

And that’s it! Not huge, not perfect, still an apartment, but like I said, it’s a special place for me.

Today Cowboy took the first big load of furniture. So, now my living room looks like this. Bittersweet…can I say that enough?

I’ll be back later this week to add this as a separate page. Additionally, I’ll be adding a directory of projects I’ve done in every room so that you have a good idea of where everything has gone! Thanks again for your patience in my lack of posting; I did finish the client room I was working on and now since moving has officially begun, I’m going to be packing and enjoying every second I have left in Kansas City. I’ll be loading up my car with small items (décor, clothing, kitchen items, etc.) for the next two weekends and then we’ll finally move all of the remaining furniture. Since I will just be here Monday-Thursday nights, I have something like 12ish days left here…which means I’ll be living in the same city as Cowboy in just as much time! Have I said bittersweet, yet?!


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