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I probably won’t be sharing MANY details before the wedding (it’s just not as much fun that way!), but here’s one I will. There are so many “things” that tradition deems as necessary in a ceremony–things like a ring pillow. There are a ton of different option out there, some personalized, some generic, some white, some patterned, some unique and some not so much. As with most of our ceremony, I wanted this to be one more thing that was personalized. When I saw this on Etsy, I fell in love. When I saw the $38 price tag (no offense, of course, that’s just more than I would ever want to spend), I decided to make my own. 

 First, I set up my calendar in excel. Then, using spray adhesive (on the back of the fabric, not the paper…I didn’t want the exposed paper to be sticky going through my printer), I attached a very thin piece of white fabric to a piece of white computer paper and ran it through my printer. I had the calendar centered on the page to match up with my fabric (and I did a trial run on paper to make sure they would line up right).

 Once it was printed, I peeled the fabric off of the paper and trimmed the sides.

 From there, I sewed the calendar to a double-layer of linen. Before sewing the pillow itself, I hand-stitched a heart around our date in pink thread. Then, I attached a piece of cotton string at the top of the calendar as a way to tie our rings on. Then, I sewed a basic pillow, stuffed it, and hand-stitched it closed.

The only thing I bought for this project was the linen, since I had everything else on hand already. I bought half of a yard for $4 and only used about a third of it. So, for just over $1, I have a custom ring pillow that I can (and will) use even after the wedding! And now my $37 can go to pay for something else wedding-related. 🙂
Speaking of wedding, bear with me for the next month as posts may be a bit further in between. In the next four weeks, I am finishing a client room, preparing to work remotely, moving to a new city and continuing to travel almost every weekend and work full-time. No down-time for this girl. So, I’m not being lazy and not posting…I’m just struggling to keep my head above water over here! So if I need to take a nap, at least I have a very cute ring pillow to lay my head on. 😉


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