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On a recent weekend (OK, a few weeks ago), Krissy and I decided to try two recipes we had seen on Pinterest. You see, Krissy and Alex are currently mid-kitchen-remodel and have no working kitchen yet. No kitchen counter, no kitchen sink, no oven, no dishwasher (she’s been washing the dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub for weeks now!)…get the picture?? So when I joined them, all we could use was the grill and bathroom counter space. The two recipes we wanted to try just happened to use both of those (OK, so I’ve never really seen a recipe that calls for a bathroom counter, but you now what I mean…right?? right.)

Here’s how it went:
Krissy decided on a margherita pizza, so she prepared the tomato, basil, garlic, spices, cheese and dough…

 Then she taught me how to test the grill’s heat (one second or less = REALLY hot, 2-3 seconds = medium and longer than that means the heat is low…heh).

 She prepped the dough, brushing one side with oil…

And then when it came time to flip it over onto the grill…it stuck. BIG TIME. We eventually managed to spread it out…of. (Did you know if you try to “spread” sticky dough onto a hot grill, it starts sinking through the grate? Yeah. It does.)

 When we tried to flip it, it turned into this:

 Even with three adults and three utensils…that bad boy was not coming up and flipping over in one piece. (Do you see all of the dough that fell through onto the coals??)

 But, when life handed us strips of dough, we made cheese bread.

 Simply put, the dough needed more flour. Attempt #1 at grilling pizza was unsuccessful, but we will conquer this…another night!

Moving onto dessert (and into the bathroom). See? Dishes drying on the bathroom counter.

We pulled out the blender, dumped our oreos in and…nothin’. Nada. Oh, it was blending alright….a bunch of air! You definitely need a food processor for this.

 It ended up being faster to crush the oreos by hand with a fork, so that’s what we did!

Once we finally got the Oreos crushed, this dessert was DELICIOUS and so easy! I will definitely be making it again.

P.S. This was also the night I turned into the crazy stick lady. ha! What a night.

Anyone else had any Pinterest flops lately?


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