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Umbrellas, we have SO much going on behind the scenes over here! Between wedding planning, searching for our first house together, Cowboy’s clinical rotations and med school schedule, being in two different cities (read: traveling every weekend one direction or the other), working on a client room (details coming soon!!), planning moves, and actually executing the wedding plans…I feel like I can barely catch my breath! Fortunately, we have been able to knock some major to-do items off of the list. To give you an idea, in the past month we have:

  • Ordered wedding bands
  • Had my wedding dress altered
  • Taken care of all bridesmaid and groomsmen attire (it’s all here and final alterations are being made!)
  • Found and signed the lease agreement on our first house together (I move in FIVE weeks!!!)–SO excited about this one.
  • Cowboy finished his surgery rotation and has started his internal medicine rotation
  • Had my engagement ring sized
  • Bought the materials for about six different projects…and are about half-finished with several of them.
  • And about twelve other things I either won’t mention or am forgetting.
  • Did I mention I work full-time? And I’m traveling every weekend?
Thanks to the gracious and wonderful people around me, I have two different showers coming up in the next two weekends (in two different states!). After that, I have one weekend to pack and then I start moving the first weekend of October. Ummm…that’s in THREE weeks! Since we have both our house and my apartment for the whole month of October, I essentially have a few weekends to move things back and forth. Which means…I don’t have a free, unplanned weekend until October 22! (Which is only EIGHT weeks before the wedding…oh me, oh my!)

By the way, today is 100 days until the wedding…which means tomorrow breaks the 100-day mark and I have a feeling everything is going to FLY by after that. That means excited, busier-than-ever, hustling Alina! If you only see but a blur of me within the next 99 days, please forgive me! I’m doing my best to wear 16 hats at once. 🙂

In other news, I plan on making an appearance at the Hesston Barn Sale on October 1 (more traveling, lol!). If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!


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