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Last week, I popped into my local Salvation Army to scout out any furniture they had. Just like any other time, I was looking for something completely different (and NOT for me!) when I saw this:

It always happens when I least expect it. The lines…it’s always the lines of a piece that I fall for. (If you aren’t aware of the love stories I’ve had with thrift store furniture, you can catch up here and here.)
Some love, paint, distressing and sealing wax later, she looked like this:
Sorry for the crooked picture…I was apparently too excited to concentrate on how I was photographing. Love can be distracting, you know.
Her name is Guinevere, by the way. 
Site note: It’s possible I’m naming my furniture & belongings crazy things I’ll never name my children. My Honda CRV’s name is LaCronda. 
I’m not joking. 
Girl’s got a little junk in the trunk! (Haaaa….the puns…oh, the puns!)
I’ll be back tomorrow for the play-by-play and total project cost, but FIRST…tell me what YOU think I spent on this dresser (not including paint and supplies…just the furniture). 
The first person to guess within $2 gets a free high five…you KNOW you can’t resist that! 
Aaaaand, go!


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