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When I lived with my mom in high school, I had the coolest room. We were renting an older home (with LOTS of character…sigh!) and my room was at the end of the house, spanning almost one whole side (think long and skinny). Our super-sweet landlord let me paint my room a robin’s egg blue (similar to the swatch below), which is still one of my favorite colors to see a room in even today. Even then, I was thrifting and DIY-ing. I DIY-ed a desk out of a piece of wood and two sets of drawers (the plastic kind from Wal-Mart…klassy, I know). By the time we were moving out, I had achieved a cool, beachy, fun room that I was sad to leave behind. I tried to find a picture, but no such luck!
One day back then, I was antique shopping with a friend and I saw this antique screen. It was a really gross puke green color, so I gave it a fresh coat of white. It looked AWESOME against my robin-egg blue walls. Fast forward to my white box of an apartment in Kansas City and it completely disappeared against the walls. (Sorry for the primitive pictures…these were taken two years ago.) 🙂

So I gave it a coat of primer and several coats of black (at the same time I was doing this project…which is why the chair is white below).

Here is a more recent picture (of the side of it!) since both my apartment and the things in it have changed a lot over the last two years.

Have you guys ever painted the same item multiple times to get it to work in different spaces?


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