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You know those songs that just make you want to dance around, kiss someone (someone you know…) and take up a diet of lollipops? (No? Just me? Anybody…?) For me today, it’s this:

Anyway, while you dance, I thought I would share the story of MYU. I get a lot of questions like, “Do you even own a yellow umbrella??” or “Why an umbrella? And why is it yellow?”
No, I do not own a yellow umbrella…that question is easy, so I thought I’d get it out of the way. 🙂
My Yellow Umbrella started as something much, much different than it is today. It actually started out as The Case for Creativity, in which I planned on writing posts about creative marketing strategies (original post here…I was completely right when I said, “and possibly evolve into something entirely different”!). It actually wasn’t known as My Yellow Umbrella until two months later. This blog was spurred on by my upcoming college graduation, a senior portfolio class and the ability to have a web site link on my résumé. That’s why sometimes you’ll see “you might also like…” links to posts that are COMPLETELY unrelated to anything I write about these days. I’ve thought about removing them or hiding them, but part of the reason I run this blog is for myself…to remember, to document and to be able to look back and see progress or lessons I’ve learned. For this reason, they are still (and will remain) public. 
However, after graduation the posts tapered off…since I was no longer job-hunting, I simply wasn’t interested in continuing to post about those topics. All ceased until I realized, on September 11, 2010, that I missed having a creative outlet. I work in an advertising agency all day every day and, while I’m often given opportunities to be creative, my primary job functions include analyzing data and optimizing campaigns. And further…not the kind of creative opportunities I crave. (I seriously doubt they would let me turn one of the tables into a tufted ottoman.) So, I started posting again. Then, something really fun happened…I started creating and DIY-ing and writing and evolving into this person who felt empowered by starting, creating and finishing projects. A year ago, I’m 1,000% sure I would be planning my wedding from a completely different mindset. My tastes, opinions, thoughts, ideas and creativity have all evolved into something I wasn’t planning or expecting. It just…happened.

So, nearly one year into what MYU is today and I’m more excited than ever to see where it will go. I am so blown away by the fact that’s it’s grown by 130 google readers in the last two months alone (I really got stuck at 35 readers for a looooooong time–which was TOTALLY fine by me! 35 people interested in what I have to say is a lot in my book.)

So here’s to wherever MYU goes (or doesn’t)…for me, this is my creative outlet and I just love it for what it is.

Oh, and the name? Partially my stepmom and partially me. I wanted “umbrella” to be in the name because I wanted it to personify something that covered many topics, ideas and discussions. My stepmom actually suggested “yellow.” Our last name begins with a “y” and we often spell it out to people saying, “It’s a ‘Y’ like ‘yellow’…” So, “My Yellow Umbrella” was born.

Happy Monday, all. Go dance, enjoy the day you’ve been blessed with, create something and enjoy Mister Sandman!


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