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…well…his grooming, that is!
Cooper joined my life last March. Since my parents have dogs, I know the costs you can incur for just grooming alone. Me being a frugal person, I decided that I wanted to see if I could save some money by grooming Cooper myself.

 So, I went to the store and bought this. It was $40 in the store (which was the same cost as one professional grooming). If he’s REALLY fluffy (like you see above…yikes…I could also title this post, “why NOT to go three months without grooming your dog.”), I use scissors to cut the “bulk” off. Then, I use the #2 guard to buzz him all over. Since I started doing this when he was a puppy, he’s now used to me telling him to sit and stay while I buzz his behind. 🙂 However, we did start this process with LOTS of treats (and cheerios) to keep him occupied when he was smaller.

 We took A LOT off…like…enough fur to make another Cooper. Sorry, pup! At least he doesn’t look like Cousin Itt anymore.

Does anyone else DIY their dog’s grooming?


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