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Awhile back, I saw this. I promptly ran to my stash of mason jars and then ran to the kitchen to pull out my blender. I unscrewed the blade from the bottom of the blender jar and screwed it onto the mason jar, just to see if it fit. It DID. *cue happy Alina dance* 
I HAD to make something with this new discovery (just to see if it worked, you know…). Since I didn’t have a whole lot on hand, I combined some ice cubes, chocolate syrup and half & half (I was even out of milk!). I screwed the blade on really well.
The size of your blade should match the lip of your jar exactly…otherwise, it’s not the right size of jar! A word to the wise…your mason jar is going to be a lot lighter than your jar’s regular jar, so hold it down really, really, really well. (I learned this the hard way…) Also, don’t overfill your jar–you’ll only want to fill it to about 2/3 full.

And there you have a personal serving size of smoothie, shake, whatever! Who needs a magic bullet?

This ended up tasting just like a frozen hot chocolate, by the way. Mmm!

Has anyone else discovered this amazing idea??


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