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I’ve been collecting bookoos and and bookoos of mason jars for the wedding. I go weekly to clean out the three thrift stores closest to me. Add that stockpile plus my time on Pinterest, and what you have is a million things I want to do with what I already have on hand! So, since I will need to at least wait to do these projects, I thought I’d share a few that I love. (Click on photos for links!)

1. I want to paint the insides all sorts of fun colors. Ohh, what about an ombre collection??

More insides painted…sigh…

2. I want to frost them. Seriously…how cool are these?
3. I want to make a matchbox

4. I want to make terrariums

5. I want to make lanterns with them (…and hang them from trees over a table, too!)

6. I want to light them and put them everywhere (actually, I am doing this for the wedding. I found this picture a long time ago and it inspired a lot!)

7. Did I mention I want to make terrariums?

8. I want to drink iced coffee from them (OK, so technically I could do this many times over right now…)

9. I want to make cupakes in jars (and about a dozen other desserts!)

10. I want to use the jars to display photos
I can think of more, but I’ll stop at ten. Technically I could use my mason jars for some of these now, but some I have to wait on. I’m almost certain I’m going to go mason jar crazy right after the wedding. 🙂
Cowboy grew up drinking out of mason jars (another reason we’re using them for the wedding). What’s your favorite use for a mason jar?


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