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Goodwill has done it again.
If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember my experience finding Victoria the chair. If not, it basically went like this: girl walks into Goodwill on the search for something, girl get distracted when she sees something possibly magnificent in the corner of her eye, girls runs over to said possible magnificence, girl confirms magnificence, girl immediately runs to register with magnificence. 
And it happened again. I don’t know how I got so lucky because this handsome guy (we’ll call him Edmund) had been there for three whole days. Three! whole! days! Oh my lucky stars. And he was marked for $25. Allow me to preface this by saying that that is, and probably always will be, the most I will ever be willing to pay for Goodwill furniture. [You understand.] But let me explain; I spun the chair around, looked it up and down, examined every square inch, tried it out (sitting + spinning + rolling) and tried to understand why someone would drop this beautiful chair off at Goodwill. There had to be something wrong with it…right?? Wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong with him. So I power-walked quickly walked up to the front and asked a cashier to put it on hold for me up front while I continued looking for mason jars (what I went there for in the first place). When I went to pay, he said, “wow, that must be some special chair to be marked that high…” (which, let’s be honest, immediately made me regret I didn’t try to bargain the price a little). But I knew I’d found a treasure, so I was OK with paying the “full” price. 

I noticed this metal tag on the back of the chair while giving it my examination in the store. When I got home, I started searching for “manhattan desk company of new york” but haven’t been able to find anything. (Does anyone know anything about this company?)

However, I also started searching for the prices of similar chairs.

Target: $130 (new)
Home Decorators: $199 (new)
Bed, Bath & Beyond: $150 (new)

I even found this one on Ebay for $1,900!! (true antique)

Yeah, $25. Thanks, Goodwill. And thanks to whomever decided it was easier to donate it rather than sell it. I so appreciate it!

On a side note, in a recent effort to introduce more color into my life, I picked these babies up at Off Broadway Shoes on clearance for $15. Happy MONDAY to me! (and you!)

P.P.S. My Yellow Umbrella blew right past 100 followers this weekend! THANK YOU for your support–I am humbled and so appreciative!


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