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As I’ve mentioned before, our wedding will primarily be DIY-ed. Partly because we fail to understand the reasoning behind spending a fortune on a wedding, partly because I’m a DIY enthusiast and mostly because we want this wedding to feel like us. Our vision is for every part of our big day to say something about who we are, what our relationship is like and what we love.

As you probably realize, once you have your venue booked, date & time set, and other details nailed down, it’s time to think about who you will be inviting…and how you will invite them.
For this part, I decided to try my hand at designing our invitations. I’m so in love with our story and how God intertwined our journeys together, so incorporating it was a must. I’m also a sucker for anything and everything typographic. I am SO visual.

From here, my oh-so-talented mother enters the picture. Her and a friend of hers make & sell cards as a side business–and they’re stinkin’ good at it. Think beautiful layered card stock, stamps, die-cuts, embellishments, blind press, embossing. So, add my graphic design portion to her ability to put a beautiful card together and you have our wedding invitations. Since invites won’t go out for another six or seven weeks, I don’t want to spoil too much of the surprise, so you get only a peek for now! (By the way, the above photos are of a mock-up version, not the final product.) 🙂

When I was doing my research on custom wedding invitations (remember…I wanted the invitation to include our story), everything I came across was $1,000+…before postage. To sum this up, by doing the invitations ourselves, postage will nearly be the most expensive part! I estimate we’re saving an easy $850.
A big thanks to my mom, who is not only spending the time to put them together by hand (she’s nearly two states away…otherwise, I would be helping!), but she’s graciously offered to pay for the materials she needs. What would the world be like without moms?
Has anyone else DIY-ed wedding invites (or found other budget-friendly options)?


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