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A few months ago, Cowboy saw me eyeing this necklace on Etsy after seeing it on Katie Bower’s blog:

The Original Anchor Necklace - Gold
(Click on the photo for the link to the Etsy listing.)

Without my knowing, he bought it and, a few days later, walked up behind me in the kitchen and slipped it around my neck. A thoughtful one he is. (We DO joke about the fact that it’s ironic he bought me an anchor to put around my neck.) 🙂

Also hard-working. He informed me Sunday that he worked 76(ish) hours last week (he’s a med student and is doing his clinical rotations right now…and he’s in the Navy, hence the title). He’s in the last half of his surgery rotation and I couldn’t be prouder. Send a little prayer up for him, would ya?

By the way, it’s been eight months (today) since he walked into my life and changed my world. I’m so grateful.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


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