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Do you ever put off a project for months and months until eventually you’re in a place where should becomes need? Well, that’s been the mexican standoff between myself and the state of My Yellow Umbrella’s brand and look for the last six months.
For over 40 hours a week, I live and breathe advertising, branding and marketing. I’ve bought and analyzed both traditional and interactive media over the past few years (and plan on continuing). Every single hour of every workday, I analyze client campaigns and make recommendations on how to optimize, grow and give health to these campaigns. Yet, my very own brand was left behind. Here’s how it looked yesterday:
Cute, but not cutting it.
There are a few factors to consider when expressing why MYU needed an update:
  1. When I originally designed it, I was in college. Enough said.
  2. That was several years ago. Enough said!
  3. When I originally started this blog, it was about something completely different. It started as a project for school and a web site for my I’m-a-college-student-with-no-experience résumé. I published posts about social media, content management systems and guerilla marketing. All good things…but completely different than what we’ve evolved into. Only last year did I begin to start posting (after an extended hiatus) again. And when I did? Nothing about social media or a CMS.
  4. The old layout wasn’t good for much more than putting blog posts in vertical order. The sidebar was limiting, messy-looking and hard to navigate.
MYU has evolved into something I didn’t plan for, but have fallen in love with. I love the community of bloggers I never knew existed. I love being able to share projects and see what others have done. To say the least, this is my creative outlet.
So, to leave it unkempt, outdated, and hard to navigate was really a mean-hearted thing to do! 😉 With that, I introduce you to the new look of My Yellow Umbrella. Cleaner, a little more grown-up, modernized, but [hopefully] still fun.
Let’s get this show on the road!


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