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Bad, Alina, bad! To sum up the last month and explain my disappearance…

  • Cowboy moved to a different city to begin his clinical rotations for the third year of med school. (Cue sad music.) Before you get too sad, I should probably tell you now that I will eventually be joining him. We’re getting married in December, so those logistics are being worked out. But still…he’s THREE hours away…that’s three hours too many! I’ll move on before you want to throw something at me.
  • Mono. Yep, I have it. It stinks. When I, a person who is constantly going and moving and doing, felt like doing nothing more than sleeping at all hours of the day, I knew something was up. Nice timing, mono.
  • Wedding planning. We actually knocked out all of the big stuff before Cowboy moved (date, time, venue, colors, wedding party, photographer, wedding dress, guest list, etc.), which was extremely helpful and stress-relieving. However, since I’m now driving to visit him on the weekends (or he is coming back to KC), we are more focused on the precious hours we have together and less on planning. Even still, lots of details are coming together and this is going to be an almost all-DIY wedding, so get excited for LOTS of DIY posts to come between now and the end of the year!
  • Pinterest. I’m seeking a pinners anonymous group. Just kidding. Sort of.
I, Alina, promise to be better about posting from here on out. Consider this the month that “life” took over. 😉
Look forward to posts on:
  • Our DIY-ed wedding invitations
  • Engagement photos (they’re done. they’re gorgeous. I’ve died over them 3,867 times already.) and the project I did for them
  • Some tasty foods & recipes I’ve been trying lately!
Get exciiiited!


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