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Back at the end of May (a month ago today!), Cowboy and I decided to spend a Saturday touring downtown KC….on our bikes. Best idea EVER! Weather was perfect, schedule was wide open and we got to spend the day seeing the city from a completely different perspective. I always drive past places downtown and don’t bother to stop and go in…just because I hate dealing with parking. So just being able to pull over and lean your bike against something was great…I felt like a hippie.
After finding a place to leave the truck (fourth floor of a parking garage…it was REALLY fun going down!), we pulled the bikes out and started our little adventure.

We so excited! (Sorry…I had to.)

First stop: brunch at The Cashew.

Ornery Cowboy + menu =

To be fair…this is what I looked like. Yeesh. I should’ve been the one hiding behind the menu!

As we made our way to the Power & Light district, we parked our bikes and explored the art fair.

Later on in the day (seriously…we stopped at a TON of places), we made our way through the Plaza and took a break at Jacob Loose Park. We passed not one….not two…but THREE weddings going on at the same time. It was a perfect day to get married outside…luckies!

14 miles in, a little sweaty, but having fun!

And that, my friends, is what we’ve been doing and, again, why MYU has been so vacant. That and we’ve been wedding planning like it’s going out of style. Seriously…within three weeks of being engaged, we had the photographer and venue booked, theme dreamed up, wedding party set up (and even a couple of bridesmaid dresses on their way), date and time decided, wedding dress in the closet, registered at two different places…whew! I’m so tired! Having fun though. 🙂


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