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Yesterday I alluded to some places of awesomeness that I visited this weekend. Behold, Good Juju.
A few weeks back, a co-worker IMed me at work and said, “Have you been to Good Juju?”
uhh…excuuuuw me whaa?!
“Good what??,” I responded.
“Good Juju!” She proclaimed it as the coolest antique shop in the KC area (located in the West Bottoms) and fell to shock when I had no idea what she was talking about…considering who I am and what I like.
Let me tell you…I, too, was shocked when my friend Krissy and I walked in, saw the glory and realized I’d ever heard of it.
They are only open the First Friday weekend of every month–and for good reason. I saw antiques I’d never heard of…like gossip benches. However, what the dealers of Good Juju spend their month doing is hunting these things down and then completely refurbishing them. We’re talking sun-yellow dressers, turquoise tables, hot pink mirrors, silver hutches. Seriously awesome stuff, already given some love and turned into pieces with so much personality they could be your friend. If I learned one lesson, it’s that I’m not bold enough in my furniture choices. I LOVE this stuff, but every piece of furniture I own is a neutral color…which is FINE…but it’s not as fun as it could be! I SO wish I would have snapped some pictures inside, but I was having way too much fun to even consider that.

It got even better when we stepped outside and saw this:

…where Krissy bought us iced lattes–what a nice treat!

One of her friends had told her to keep walking down the street from Good Juju, so we did. SO glad we did…we stumbled across Bella Patina…a more accessory-focused version of Good Juju.

I’ve been reading tutorials on how to make these twine lanterns and have decided I will make some for a special event coming at the end of the year…*hint, hint, wink, wink!*

This was the first one I’d seen in person, so I snapped a lantern-swaying-in-the-air-conditioner-breeze picture. (Well, I tried…)

Most importantly, this is where I found the vintage scale I showed you yesterday…for $7, I might remind.

Good Juju and Bella Patina will be open again July–mark your calendars!


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