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Last Saturday, I got up at 5:45 (!!!) to meet my friend Kelsey, grab some breakfast and hit the road. Our friend Ashley‘s husband is currently working on base at Ft. Leavenworth and was privy to information about a base-wide garage sale. Say no more…Kelsey and I were game! We arrived to the base at around 7:15 and slowly started taking it all in (garage sales…everywhere!!). I quickly found this cute little lantern for $2 (haggled down from $3, of course!). Kelsey found a set of three At Home America (same brand as my lantern…which I think retails for around $30!) baskets for $8. Definitely a good score.

Kelsey, Me and Ashley!

While we were supremely excited about our At Home America finds, we both quickly agreed that the early morning drive was well worth it just to see the base. First, I should say that I think bases are the greatest–they’re like a little mini safe world. Second, Ft. Leavenworth is absolutely gorgeous. It’s full of rich history, beautiful buildings and gorgeous scenery.

(Can I get married in that chapel??)

P.S. Check out Kelsey’s recent engagement pictures here. Holy smokes, my friend is gorgeous!


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