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Last month we took a weekend trip down to Oklahoma City to see my mom’s side of the family. My cousin had just returned from his Army deployment to Korea and it was my first time to see him in two years!
I had told my mom about my trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore here in KC (read about that here). She’s been telling me about OKC’s version, Renovation Station for awhile, so I was excited to see what it had to offer.
Let me just start by saying that it was COMPLETELY different! Ours was full of outdated appliances, furniture, light fixtures, etc. Theirs was stocked to the brim with overstocked tools, paint, tile, rugs, [nice] furniture, [mostly] current light fixtures, doors…you name it, they have it. Seriously awesome!
Here’s what I walked out with:

A 12×12 plastic dropcloth, a 1.5-inch putty knife (a really nice and flexible one, I might add), three Caulk Singles (I have a plan for these), a wire brush and scraper, and a can of Krylon spray paint.

The best part is what I spent:
Plastic drop cloth: $1.41

1.5-inch metal putty knife: $1.31
Krylon spray paint:$1.29
Caulk singles: $.35/each
Wire brush: $1.31
Total cost: 6.90 (after taxes)
Yep. $6.90 for all of that! You can’t even get a metal putty knife for that at Home Depot! And that would barely buy one can of spray paint. So, if you’re ever in the downtown OKC area, stop by Renovation Station.


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