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So, I mentioned in this post a little blip about adding a couple extra mirrors to the bathroom. Both mirrors I picked up on my recent trip to IKEA.
This before shot shows that this wall has N-O-T-H-I-N-G going on. It hasn’t since the day I moved in.

So, when I picked up the BJOA mirror, I knew it would fit perfectly on this wall. Luckily for me, this handsome fella volunteered to hang it for me.

As we started looking for studs to screw the fasteners into, we quickly realized that one of the joys of living in an apartment is that the interior walls are studless. Yes. Studless.
At one point, I turned around to see this:

Yes, he is using a stethoscope to listen for a stud. Ah, the joys of dating a med student!
Right here is where I got in trouble for taking pictures. Love you, babe. 😀
But have no fear, once we realized the walls were studless and we moved forward with anchors, he pulled out the real tools.

And we hung it up! There are two things that I love and that I have a lot of in my apartment: lamps and mirrors. Not because I love looking at myself (actually, having so many mirrors can be really humbling when you roll out of bed in the morning…), but because I love light! Mirrors do a great job of bouncing light around in a room that you only have one small window. Lamps do the rest.
So, I love having a mirror fill this wall. It does a great job of brightening up a windowless apartment bathroom.


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