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If you’ve ever read any of my posts, you know very well my love for thrifting. Well, I also happen to have some of the best friends in the entire world. We spent last Saturday afternoon visiting secondhand stores. There was a lot of digging, laughing hysterically and hand sanitizer. Seriously…at one point I nearly peed myself. I also ran a red light because I was too busy trying to look for a storefront. Oops.

[Note: In my defense, we were in Brookside and it was one of those tiny side-of-the-street traffic lights. And no one was coming. No one was hurt in the state of my oblivion. Thank you, Lord.]
Once my friends had lost faith in my driving ability (which is unfortunate since we’re leaving for Chicago next weekend), we continued on. Thrifting. Laughing. Hand-Santizing. Drinking coffee. Standing outside of Blackwell’s like sad little girls.
First, we went to Habitat for Humanity ReStore (Waldo location). We didn’t find anything, but bookmarked it as a place to visit if we ever needed lamps from the 70s. 😉 Seriously though, I got the vibe that it’s like the Goodwill of furniture and home appliances/fixtures. You’d have to visit just as often as you would Goodwill, as the good stuff will be snatched up quickly!
Then, we went to Blackwell’s Thrift Store. It’s a thrift shop LOADED with vintage kitchen items. (See this blog for more info and photos!) Much to our horror, the place had closed early for the day! We stood outside in the freezing cold for at least five minutes just staring into the windows.
This is what the front window looks like. Now you understand why we were so upset.

But we held our chins high and smiled for a picture to prove we’d been there. I love these girls!
Across the street was 2nd Chance Thrift Store. This is where most of the laughter and hand sanitizer happened…
Lauren and I will be playing on the softball team for the ad agency where we work this Spring. Lauren played last year and knew she wanted to “invest” in some cleats this year. So when we saw this entire bin full of cleats, guess what we did? Dig.
This is Lauren…face out of the bin…arm all the way to the bottom.
This is why I love her. She is adorably hilarious. As we pulled pairs out, we stacked them on the outside…

Until she found some! Success!
And yes, she continued to hold them with only her index finger and thumb. She happily reported that these went into a sink of bleach as soon as she got home. 🙂
Then Krissy found this old shutter. (I also stole this picture from her…thanks girl!)
It was so much fun watching the wheels turn in her mind thinking of the projects she could use it for. She’s still trying to decide what to do with it, so if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below!
And I walked out with this really fun dish for $3.
After all of the fun that was 2nd Chance Thrift, we were ready for coffee. Lauren had coupons for free Roasterie coffee (and it was around the corner), so we stopped by the cafe for some coffee and cookies. Perfect ending to that cold, rainy afternoon!
And that’s how we spend an afternoon thrifting in KC! We have a couple more places we’d like to visit (and still need to go back to Blackwell’s when it’s open!), so stay tuned for more stories of digging, sanitizing and running red lights.
Have a great weekend, all!


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