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I promised some projects, and projects I have! Remember this picture in the sneak preview earlier this week?

Obviously, it’s a clock. A really awesome one.

OK, so maybe it’s not everyone’s taste. It’s pretty unique and eclectic. But when I saw the modern white numbers, I knew this baby had some potential. Mix that with the color-saturated photo and the clean lines of the box frame and I was in love. (What? It’s not the first time this has happened to me.)
So I covered it in newspaper and painter’s tape and left the clock hands exposed.
Since it was raw wood, I primed it first so it would soak up less of my color-of-choice-paint…which happened to be….white! Both the clock hands and the frame went white.

And it found a home in my kitchen. I lurve it. LOVE it. Something so unique, so eclectic, so different…so…me! Something that’s mine and something that tells a story. You just can’t get that out of buying things brand new. Besides, who wants to have the same stuff as everyone else?

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