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I want to start off by apologizing for the poor photo quality. I certainly don’t claim to be a photographer, but I like to give my people nice pictures to look at. Butttttttttt….there was no natural light, so it is what it is. Moving on.
Remember seeing this picture a few days ago?

Well, as you probably figured out, it was a mirror. And a beaut she is! Not.

I’ve been looking for a mirror for my entry way for quite some time. Every time I visit the Goodwill or some other secondhand shop, I look at their mirrors. But, you see, I’m picky. It had to have a frame thick and chunky enough to give it some weight and presence. This one’s on the small side, but the frame was what I wanted AND it was sturdy. OH, and it was $5. Thank you, Goodwill!

But, like most things from secondhand stores, the mirror had been loved to pieces. It was scratched, scuffed and had some fairly good-sized gaps in the corners.
So, I started by filling in any gaps and cracks with wood filler. (First, I obviously taped a layer of newspaper onto the glass with painter’s tape.)

Then, I gave it a quick coat of primer and we were good to go! (By the way, I kind of like this gray color too…maybe this mirror has gray in its future!)

Here’s where my poor-quality pictures come.
I don’t typically use my flash, but when I saw how this picture had turned out, I knew it would be a necessary evil.

This is a lot closer to the true blue of the mirror.

And no, I haven’t cleaned it yet. Or hung it.

But don’t you love the blue? I wanted something bold and I think I found it! I’ve been loving the look of cobalt blue lately and what better way to use it than something you can easily change with a can of spraypaint down the road? Either way, a huge difference before and after.
Ah, the power of paint.
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