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As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little lacking on the projects as of late. Well, good news! The drought is over! (Maybe I’m the only one who missed them…)
I’ve had one specific project lined up for a few weeks, but I was waiting on something. You see, my health insurance company offers a perk where you can earn points for being healthy (you know, for, like, running marathons and stuff like that). I was able to earn 90,000 points last year, which was redeemable for $90 in gift cards to A LOT of different places. So, like any girl would, I sent off for $90 in gift cards to Home Depot!
Once I had that in my pocket, I got my rear over there. I’ve had my mind set on an electric sander, so that was my big purchase!

I also got a tool bucket/organizer. If there’s something I love more than my projects, it’s being organized. I was so excited to get home with this and start organizing that I did it before anything else that needed to be done. Yes, I am that nerdy.

I also got a new set of (really high quality) paint brushes, three cans of spray paint (hint: this is important for the end of this post!), a new plant (woo!) and more. I spent a little over the gift card amount, but I made that $90 flex its muscles for me!
Now, for a speak peek at three projects coming up…
Are you excited? Because I am!


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