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Some of you may remember the introduction to Richard, my basil plant, last November.
Because he needs lots of sunlight, he sits in the only window in my apartment…my bedroom window. Coincidentally, this means he sits on my nightstand. Last year I painted some basic terra cotta pots (a couple of bucks or less at your local Wally World [that’s Wal-Mart, kids] or home improvement store) with some chalkboard paint.
It was a super fun, easy and cheap way to spruce up some basic pots for cheap.
However, when I found this white ceramic pot at a consignment shop in Wichita a few months ago (I have a secret love to white ceramic things), they didn’t really go together.
A few weeks ago, I was in my trusty local Goodwill and I saw this one. Same size as my chalkboard pot, but same shape/design as the small one I had.
Look familiar?

OK, so the color was way.not.pretty, but that’s easy to fix with some glossy white spray paint!
So much better. Have I mentioned that I love white ceramic things?


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