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Dear Cowboy,

You have completely taken me by surprise. At a time when I was least expecting you, God hand-delivered you and changed this cowgirl’s life overnight.
I love you, Wild Thing, and here are a few reasons why:
  • Before you would date me, you required we take time to NOT talk so that we could pray about whether or not moving forward with this relationship was what God had for us without being distracted by emotion.
  • When you felt God giving you the green light, you began pursuing in a way I so love and you haven’t stopped since. The candy canes with poems tied to my front door, the encouraging e-mails throughout my day, the way you ask about my day and keep asking until I tell you. 😉
  • Your inquisitiveness. One of the first things I noticed about you was how good you are at displaying an eagerness and an interest in learning about things and people. This will suit you well as a doctor…
  • Your willingness and want to be a leader, spiritually and otherwise. Thank you for taking the reigns. I so wanted that.
  • You’ve been a shadow in my life for years. We’ve been living the same life with the same experiences, similar challenges and the same friends, you’re just a few years ahead of me. Thanks for waiting for me.
  • Your dedication to what you do. You don’t have an easy life cut out for you. Between Navy duties and doctor duties, you’ve chosen a path that will ask much of you. I’m proud of you and honored to be a part of your life.
  • Somehow, you simultaneously complement and cater to who I am and what my quirks are. You may leave your laundry on the floor, but you also load my dishwasher alternating the colors of plates, just like they’re stacked in my kitchen cabinet. You may think I don’t notice, but I do. Thanks for letting me be OCD about these things.
  • You aren’t and never will be a perfect person, but you’re perfect for me.
One post can barely contain all that you mean to me and all that I love about you. I look forward to a lifetime of getting to know you and your quirks, Beloved. Thanks for being my valentine.


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