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I’ve always had this inexplicable amusement and delight with oversized office supplies (actually, office supplies in general, but especially oversized ones). I don’t know why. They’re actually pretty unnecessary–I mean, who really needs 3-inch multi-colored paper clips?

Last week, Cowboy and I were in Hobby Lobby and we saw these oversized clothespins. I’ve always thought they were the bees knees, so I mentioned it would be fun to spray paint one and use it as a picture holder. He thought it was a great idea, prodded me to do it, so I bought one. I did it. I mean, who can turn down the prodding of a cowboy?
So I brought it home and I gave it a bright red finish. Isn’t it fun? These are $2.39 at Hobby Lobby and I can only imagine the endless ideas you could come up with for these guys.
What could you see yourself using it for? Picture frame? Fun knick-knack? Giant magnet clip for the fridge or your filing cabinet? Recipe holder? Card holder (for when your hands cramp during those marathon card games)? Do tell!


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